Against The Smart City (The City is Here for you to use) – Adam Greenfield

Smart Cities as “a body of cultural and intellectual production”.

“Once again, we find the notion that a usefully synthetic awareness of urban processes can be garnered from sensing devices strewn throughout the built environment.
Once again, we find proposals to mount sensors in the dumpsters, cameras on the lampposts, RFID readers in the subway and load cells in the pavement, though, in this case, the devices involved tend to be bolt-ons rather than anything designed into the urban fabric itself”.

As yet another thought experiment in relation to Miéville, one could in this scenario and framework,  imagine Breach as the networked, first type of smart city, in which the sensors are in fact designed into the urban fabric itself, a hyper sensitive environment filled with hyper tagged humans, not unlike an incredibly finessed version of an electric dog collar paired with an underground electric fence around the border of the property.


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